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/March Training Event

March 4-5 2015 Saratoga Sales Driven Presentation Training Class. 

Thanks to Mike, Chris, Edna, Butch, Matt, Virgil, Jason, Dana, Ron and Michael. The weather didn’t make it easy for many to get here and in the case of Matt, Virgil and Jason even long flight delays to get to the training. Several scheduled attendees unfortunately were unable to make the trip  because of the snow and ice storm Tuesday. We will look to reschedule another opportunity. 

The “show” went on with this great group of representatives from the following Saratoga Spa Dealers:  Leisure World- VT, Agway True Value Ithaca-NY, Raft To Rafter’s-IN, Budget Pools-MA and Seasonal Specialty Stores-MA.. 

Thank you for taking the time to be here and a great effort by all of you!

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